Copyright ME pls don't steal my genius ideas
  1. Rice cakes cookbook
    You can eat them in so many ways!!!! Rice cakes make me feel like I've never felt before. I love u rice cakes
  2. Take Flight
    It's a restaurant where you can order a "flight" of different varieties of the same food - I.e. You get to try five different varieties of tomato in small prepared dishes. So it's like tapas for expanding your knowledge of an ingredient. Also perhaps the servers dress like pilots and flight attendants and it's airplane themed. Because that is cute.
  3. Park&Pop
    Popcorn made specifically to set on your dashboard in a hot climate, so when you come back to your car after leaving it parked, you've got popcorn! Park&Pop! Coming soon to an infomercial near you!
  4. Let's Talk About Snacks, Baby
    Chat line for talking about food. WAIT NO a podcast about food
  5. Brunchables
    Lunchable style packs with brunch materials, including small bottle of bubbly. To be sold at like Urban Outfitters or somethin
  6. Same day birthday delivery service
    For last-minute same-day gifters. We provide the candles