1. Pujol, Mexico City
    Sea bass I want you
  2. Franklin Barbeque, Austin, TX
  3. Momofuku Noodle Bar, NYC
    Chef crush: David Chang. Thought process: eat here -> he falls in love with me??? Workshopping this plan
  4. False Idol, San Diego, CA
    I keep trying to go to this tiki bar but the plans never align when I am in town. I'll see you asap, False Idol
  5. Eleven Madison Park, NYC
  6. Voodoo Donuts, Portland, OR
    I don't even like donuts. Why do I want to go here so bad?
  7. Aunt Jake's in Little Italy, NYC
    Pasta goals
  8. Chelsea Market, NYC
  9. Cooper Hewitt Museum, NYC
  10. The Strand Bookstore, NYC
  11. Russ & Daughters, NYC