1. Cup of bone broth
    Hot and comforting despite vegetarian aspirations
  2. Extremely itemized to-do list
    Life is not that scary! Just gotta break it down
  3. Snuggle nap with Franny
    Franny is my fat old cat - she's the sweetest cat who's ever meowed, and all she wants is snuggle naps
  4. Face mask
    Allowed: mud masks, peel masks, eye masks, t-zone masks. Not allowed: picking at face!!
  5. Yoga
    Not to feel bad about capabilities. To feel good about capabilities. File under: you can do anything for an hour!
  6. Wash sheets and shave legs
    Must occur in conjunction
  7. If I have money: thrifting
    Never met a novelty mug I didn't love
  8. If I don't have money: cleaning
    A clean space is the most obvious metaphor there is
  9. Journaling
    I'm bad at journaling. I have journal phases. But David Sedaris's newly published journal entries inspire me to keep a better record of my events and emotions, and to be funny while I'm doing it. Making yourself laugh is good therapy.
  10. Call my baby brother
  11. Pick up an unfinished book and DO some WORK on it
    Current favorite is Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware. It's pretty sad and hits some really topics but he also has a great sense of humor, plus it's one of those infinitely pick-up-for-a-few-hours-then-put-downables. Not finished but would preemptively recommend.
  12. Independent movie theater, solo mission