Requested by @cordeliane, thank you! Rice cakes are my one true love in life and they're essentially nutritionally neutral - proof of a higher power
  1. First and foremost, avocado toast. Just mash some avo cubes and season to your heart's content
    Here's mine - salt and pepper, togarashi, TJ's everything bagel seasoning
  2. Olive oil, salt, pepper as a replacement for snacking on bread which I'm guilty of
  3. Make healthy croutons by breaking them up with your hands into a bowl, lil EVOO, salt pepper garlic powder herbs, mix around with ya hands
    Literally everyone loves croutons
  4. Cream cheese and strawberries for a bagel sub
  5. Dessert time: easiest is nut butter+banana slices+cinnamon
  6. Advanced: melt dark chocolate, drizzle on rice cake, top with coconut flakes and salt. Mmmmmm
  7. If you're feeling bad just dip dip into marshmallow fluff and you got a rice crispy treat
  8. PB&J, low-sugarfied = nut butter, fruit like raspberries or strawberries smooshed on top
  9. Break in sections, dip in hummus
  10. Get the little mini ones and make little party apps: cucumber slice, some olive tapenade, lil cayenne dusting, and now you're fancy
  11. Mashed beans + lettuce + diced tomato + taco seasoning = tostada that isn't a cheat meal
    And meat if you eat meat
  12. Sliced hard boiled eggs, hummus, paprika, chives. Now you kind of have deviled eggs
    Same same but different
  13. I'm really into just plain salted bone broth, and I eat rice cakes like crackers in soup
    Soak it alllllll up
  14. Marinate shredded carrots and cabbage in rice vin, sesame oil, some minced garlic, or gochujang, any Asian spices you're into. Throw it on top of your cakes and it's like a little easy spring roll, sort of
  15. Please don't steal my cookbook idea
  16. Static