It's ok when I do it
  1. Dirty shoes
  2. Unkempt nails
  3. Smells like cigarettes
  4. Lots of dietary restrictions
    It's for health! I do it too! But we are annoying
  5. Doesn't drink coffee
    You are who I wanna be
  6. Really posed instagrams
  7. Sunglasses inside even for a second
  8. You lost your keys, you lost your phone
  9. Tardiness
    It literally does not matter one tiny bit how early I start getting ready to do a thing. I'm ten minutes late. I can tell you the day before - I will be ten minutes late. How to stop this???
  10. Goes to Starbucks
    See: Reasons I am at Starbucks
  11. Nose picking
    I'M doing it because it needs to be done. YOU'RE doing it because you're icky gross