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Need to be cool but not sure what you can hate? We're here to help.
  1. Cargo Shorts
    Tomorrow it will be hating "hating cargo shorts"
  2. Uber
    Unless you have that extra drink, but who isn't guilty of late stage capitalism?
  3. Trump's campaign staff
    Everyone already hates Trump. Get nuanced.
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  1. "The like was for support/feel better not because you're sick"
    You know they added reactions, right?
  2. Statuses that are messages
    I'm still not sure how this happens so often. But yes I'm showing up, random acquaintance. Hope you're okay with me bringing my dogs! Also you're buying.
  3. "Sent you a PM"
    Mom. Stop.
I'd buy them. Or at least save to Spotify.
  1. More Songs About Numbers and Crackers - Jack Whte
    Sixteen saltines? Why not 2 and a half wheat thins?
  2. My McDonalds Dollar Menu Order - Kanye West
    It doesn't include the fish filet
  3. Get Hitched or Die Trying - 50 Cent
    Wedding standards and covers. Especially if there's an acapella version of canon in d.
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