I'd buy them. Or at least save to Spotify.
  1. More Songs About Numbers and Crackers - Jack Whte
    Sixteen saltines? Why not 2 and a half wheat thins?
  2. My McDonalds Dollar Menu Order - Kanye West
    It doesn't include the fish filet
  3. Get Hitched or Die Trying - 50 Cent
    Wedding standards and covers. Especially if there's an acapella version of canon in d.
  4. Now That's What I Call the "Friends theme" clap - Various Artists
    "This is my fight *clapclapclapclap* song"
  5. Cursing, glass shattering - Tom Waits
    Probably exists already.
  6. The Best of Tom Waits - Cookie Monster
  7. Happy (Pharrell) - Drake