1. Having a trampoline will increase your insurance premium
    This makes sense since the risk of injury increases but just something I never thought about.
  2. Having a fire hydrant next to your house decreases your premium
    If you don't have a hydrant within 500 feet of your house, it could be harder to fight fires.
  3. Living close to a fire station will lower your premium
    If you live more than 5 miles away your premium can be significantly higher. If you live a few blocks away it can significantly decrease.
  4. Don't assume there's one flat deductible
    Even though your deductible can be $1000, there are exceptions that most insurance policies have such as in the case of a hurricane or earthquake. The hurricane deductible at Geico for example is 5% of the value of the house. So if the house costs $500k, you'll have to pay $25k out of pocket before getting reimbursed for the rest.
  5. A central security system will save you on your insurance premium
    There are lots of options when choosing an alarm/security system and I won't go into the pros and cons of all of them, but basically as far as insurance companies go a central one will lower your premium.
  6. Deadbolt locks will get you a lower insurance premium than spring bolt locks
    Not much explanation needed here.