I try to set up systems for myself to make me feel more efficient. How to Pack for Vacation is a video of one of the systems that I finally was able to set in place. Also, this was the first time I traveled and had everything I actually needed on a trip.
  1. Look at weather forecast
  2. Make a list of what you need to take
  3. Layout clothes/outfits
  4. Roll clothes to efficiently fit into suitcase - usually a carry on.
    Random note: I hate checking my bags. I'm emotionally scarred from the time TSA ripped open a suitcase of ours on our way back from Panama when I was a child so I don't check bags at all. It may also be because I'm really cheap.
  5. Layout all accessories and products
  6. HACK: Use plastic bag cutouts to secure any bottles that are carrying liquids (or oils)
    I travel with products for my hair and skin and they usually leak. This is an amazing tip to keep them from doing so.
  7. Carry liquids in clear pouches
    This is just easy and makes interaction with TSA as easy as possible.
  8. Stay organized by placing similar items in the same pouches
  9. Take a travel journal
    Mine is a paper version (because sometimes I am really old fashioned) but using your phone to jot down notes about your trip and take pics is just as efficient.
  10. Take a Laundry Bag
    This is just to separate my dirty clothes from the clean clothes. Also makes it easier if you are able to do laundry where you're going.
  11. Check out my video: https://youtu.be/hg9NISr7-pQ