...and these are the highlights. Check out the video of my trip here: https://youtu.be/PevMk1CT8_4
  1. I went to the West Coast for the first time in my 26 years of life.
    Yes, this was done before my 27th birthday.
  2. I stayed in an apartment right by Venice Beach.
    Thanks AirBnb
  3. I ran into the Pacific Ocean.
  4. I went to Rodeo Drive.
    There was an art exhibit on the streets...Dali to be exact.
  5. Went to a place that had rattlesnake as one of the ingredients in its sausages.
    It was called Wurstküche and I personally didn't eat that sausage.
  6. Had dinner at Father’s Office.
    The Office Burger was dope.
  7. Had breakfast at Rose Café.
    The pancakes and orange juice and bacon and eggs…uhhh thinking about it now is making me so hungry.
  8. I went to Griffith Observatory and chilled with Albert Einstein
  9. Took a day trip to The Grove
  10. Honorable mentions: dining & sightseeing experiences
    1. In n out - hyped up imo; 2. LACMA - couldn't stay long because of LA's weird parking rules; 3. La Brea tar pits - surprise! They aren't actual tar pits; 4. Walked along Melrose.