I just don't want to ruin my memory of a good thing.
  1. Scandal
  2. How to get away with murder
    God I loved this show so much but when Viola was sitting over her husband's body...I thought man how is it going to get better than this.
  3. Game of Thrones
    I don't know why they decided to get through the books so quickly but now we're heavily reliant on the writers and show producers and it's terrifying.
  4. Quantico
    Because the riddle...it just would not end.
  5. The 100
    When something blew up and they were going to war...it became a cluster.
  6. Limitless
    Because I know there's only one season and I find the show to be completely hilarious and quite lovable.
  7. OITNB
    Piper...I can't with her anymore.