My initial thoughts
  1. I didn't like him.
    This has been the most pressing thought in my mind recently. Over the past two weeks, when he needed to be on his Ps and Qs he let the ball slip and/or he missed the shot every time. I realized that after another fight that I really don't like this person.
  2. I feel like a failure.
    I go back and forth with this one. It's a lot to explain to people who just saw us together but I'm sure people could sense it was coming. Even today, I know everyone could tell I was unhappy and one person thought we had broken up although I hadn't made my mind up about even doing it yet.
  3. My standards weren't high enough.
    I'm not talking about materialistic things. I'm talking about emotional and mental things. He could never address his feelings or speak up about how what I said made him feel. Instead his responses were defensive and standoffish. Even bordering on aloof. I could tell he really only cared about looking like he was cool and how much money he would make and deep down that disgusted me.
  4. I am tired because he put me in between a rock and a hard place.
    He didn't want me to treat him like a child but I had to either be mean or yell to get him to realize what he was doing was dumb. He made me the bad guy so he wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable and if he ever did he could just say I was always unhappy. Why when I ask you to put things away only half of the stuff is put away.
  5. I was warned.
    "He's already done..." Yup. Should have listened to everyone.
  6. He's a liar.
    And he doesn't even know it. He is not a liar in the traditional sense because he actually lies to himself. He actually thinks that he's a go with the flow type of person. He actually thinks he's cool. He actually thinks he puts forth the effort. But he's only that way when he's doing what he wants.
  7. He let me be disrespected and in turn showed me he didn't have any respect for me.
    He showed me that he would let his friend yell him down in front of people but when he allowed it to happen to me and there was no repercussion or apologies...he showed me he had no real respect for me. 👀👀
  8. Last year he said he would marry me. Last week a different response saying he wasn't sure. #boybye ✌🏿️✌🏿