And these were the interesting/strange/amazing things they did while they were here.
  1. They brought an entire person with them.
    I knew her and she was cool with my family as a result of being related to another family member and I just referred to her as my aunt the whole time because she was cool as hell and fun to be around.
  2. My father walked my dog every morning he was here.
    He supposedly wanted to get in some exercise and he used that time to case my subdivision. Every morning he came back to me with different information about my neighborhood…houses that were being sold, foreclosed, rabbits that lived there and then relayed that information to other family members.
  3. They cooked Sunday dinner.
    ...and had me invite people over.
  4. They did chores.
    They washed dishes and even did laundry.
  5. They secretly fed my dog table/human food the entire time.
  6. My mother insisted on going to Walmart…
  7. They bought me groceries.
  8. They celebrated my birthday by giving me exactly what I wanted.
  9. My father told everyone that I was such an amazing host.
    1.Camicakes cupcakes 2.A pizza party 3.And a pedicure
  10. We had a great time together.