1. Waiter: what can I get you? Me: I don't eat meat, what are my options? Waiter: well if you don't eat meat, we've got chicken.
    This just in folks: chicken isn't meat!
  2. "How can anyone stand not eating meat?" *bites into hamburger*
  3. "I know you don't eat meat, but I'll leave this plate in front of you just in case!"
  4. "Mmmmm this is SO good. Sure you don't want to try some? Just a little bite? You sure?"
  5. "Animals were brought to earth so humans could eat them!"
  6. "You aren't getting any protein, and that's really unhealthy."
  7. "Vegetarians are just rich spoiled brats." *lights cigarette"
    I am SO serious. This actually happened.
  8. "Ohhh, you're doing this because you feel bad for the animals." *chuckles in a "look how cute she is" way*
  9. Them: *gives me lecture about why I should eat meat* Me: *explains my reasons as to why they shouldn't eat meat* Them: well, I don't tell you how to live your life, why are you trying to guilt me?