These are my top 3, always looking for new local music so tell me yours? 🎷
  1. No Parents
    Full disclosure: I manage this band but would I bother taking on the often thankless task of managing a young band if I didn't think they were FANTASTIC? Methinksnot. For those who like snotty melodic pop punk with a ton of charisma and a riveting live show (singer Zoe Rain is like the goofball GG Allin), No Parents is it. Their first album "May The Thirst Be With You" will be released physically by Burger Records this December.
  2. Wax Idols
    Though they formed in SF, front woman and band leader Hether Fortune relocated to Los Angeles two years ago and wrote almost all of the forthcoming 'American Tragic' here. This sophomore album is melodic, 80s influenced goth-dance break-up missive, equal parts heartbreak and triumph, and I predict many people will be cry dancing to it all over town come its release Oct 16 via Collect Records.
  3. Feels
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    I’m not sure there’s ever been a more aptly named band than Feels. Fronted by the beautiful and captivating Laena Geronimo, who has the raw, powerful growl of a young PJ Harvey, the Los Angeles indie outfit makes rock music that defies typical “girl-band” categorization, oscillating between impenetrable, melodic punk and beautiful, introspective ballads, all of which retains plenty of emotion (in reverence to said apt name) while losing none of its acute power. Catch them 9/24 at Los Globos.
  4. Mystery Skulls!
    Great dancin' and jammin' music.
    Suggested by @TJ
  5. De Lux
    Suggested by @brewer