A posi vibes list ✨
  1. When I first wake up and look over and see my dog's little head on the pillow next to mine and snuggle her face and smell her paws (they smell like Fritos it's awesome)
  2. First coffee
  3. First List run through
  4. First Twitter run through
  5. If it's Tuesday, the time when I check Free Will Astrology for the week's new horoscope
  6. Soft-boiled egg with avocado toast time (yes, I eat this every day)
  7. 3pm when Marketplace is on bc Kai Ryssdal's voice
  8. Around 5:30 or 6pm when I don't want to work anymore but I stay at my computer for like 30 more min perusing Tumblr and reading about celeb fashion/watching cute animal videos
  9. Second meditation (for some reason I like it better than the first? Any other TMers feel that?)
  10. Cashew milk ice cream time
  11. When I finally get in bed under the covers and get to open up my book again.