1. Made coffee
  2. Drank all the coffee
  3. Made coffee again
  4. Made toast
  5. Burnt the toast
  6. Made toast again
  7. Stared out the window
  8. Sent photo of trees outside to friend. "Are those spruce trees?"
  9. Those aren't spruce trees
  10. Listened to an entire Smog album
  11. Cyber stalked ex boyfriend who loved Smog
  12. Cyber stalked other ex boyfriend
  13. Checked ok cupid
  14. Cyber stalked myself
  15. Took my dog on a walk to Starbucks
  16. More coffee
  17. And a cake pop
  18. Checked Twitter
  19. Wrote two sentences
  20. Is it wine time?
  21. It's wine time
  22. (It was 530pm)