I have reading ADD so I have to constantly add more to the mix. Tell me what you're reading now (I promise I won't ask to borrow it, only heathens borrow other people's books).
  1. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elana Ferrante (the 3rd in the Neapolitan Novels)
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    I was a little late to this Neapolitan party (and sadly, there was no ravioli) but I am now completely and thoroughly caught in the throes of the saga of Elana and Lina. However sometimes I have to take a break because the intensity of the love/cruelty dynamic of their friendship (female friendship is the very most complicated romance) wears me out. (But like, can we talk about the bizarre Hallmark card cover art?)
  2. A Manual For Cleaning Women: Short Stories by Lucia Berlin
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    Lucia Berlin's style is so staccato and unique, and her nimble traversion (is this a word?) of the area between fiction and autobiography is so compelling. Berlin makes me want to keep writing (about myself, mostly, and sometimes, to also pour myself a stiff and hearty drink).
  3. The Lonely Death of George Bell by N.R. Kleinfeld
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    This was in @nytimes this weekend, and the first time I read it, I totally teared up (more than once). It's not an overtly melancholy or maudlin piece - I've read it a few more times: there are so many layers and also fascinating bits of information about the practical matters that follow a solitary death, as well as the unearthing of small facts that speak volumes - like this line "We had something for each other that never got used up” which left me completely undone. http://nyti.ms/1LzU5u9
  4. On Writing by Stephen King
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    Somehow in all my desperate clawing at purpose I had never read this book. I've never been a huge fan of King's books myself but this is so well-written and charming (and helpful) that I now love him and might have to be Carrie for Halloween again this year in his honor (in truth it doesn't take much to convince me to cover myself in fake blood - that's just who I am).
  5. Winter Boyfriend by Edith Zimmerman
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    This tiny little piece of perfection was posted on The Hairpin like 5 years ago but I still read it a few times a year because it's so fucking awesome and also because Jib. http://thehairpin.com/2010/12/the-winter-boyfriend/