It's pretty eclectic
  1. A lone soul in his late 30s driving a Volkswagon convertible
  2. Pre-teens with Polaroids safety pinned to their matching tees
  3. So. Many. Tutus.
  4. A poor unfortunate soul who spilled dribbled Pepsi on herself and, in effect, ruined her fake tan.
  5. People carrying coach wristlets with buckles
  6. An appropriately dressed couple decked out in caution tape
  7. A gang of 3-year-olds
  8. A couple of girls dressed as nuns
  9. Someone dressed in their graduation cap and gown
  10. A teen dressed as a Starbucks cup
  11. A man carrying a margarita-in-a-bag
  12. The Weeknd
  13. Lena Dunham
  14. Lily Aldridge
  15. Hailee Steinfeld
  16. Gigi Hadid
  17. A reflection of myself nearly tearing up