1. @jennikonner put me on a cleanse and I've stuck to it.
  2. I've spoken to @jon and @sophia outside of listapp
  3. I bought a camera
  4. I keep adding shoes to my cart on Nike.com and not buying them
  5. I bought a nutribullet
  6. Thought I saw a ghost in my shower
  7. Saw a dude on the street smack a basketball out of a middle schooler's hand and yell "HOLD THE F*CKIN BALL NIGGA!"
  8. Discovered my perfect lotion combo is cetaphil for chest and face and cocoa butter for the rest of my body
  9. ate an entire large watermelon today
  10. Found ten dollars and immediately spent it
  11. Said "that's great" to myself about three different jokes that I wrote in my head and never wrote down and forgot
  12. Realized I'm an ear bud dude and not and Headphone guy