I don't know if I'll ever be ready. I know a lot of parents are on here.
  1. That they'll grow up to be loser stoner townies
  2. That they won't appreciate what me and my mom and brother and sister had to go through to get to where we are and will be uppity rich kids
  3. That they'll get into drugs or alcohol
  4. That they'll steal a car
  5. That they'll think me and their mom aren't cool
  6. That they'll be fighting people all the time
  7. That they'll just be playing video games constantly and not wanna go outside
  8. That they'll have no sense or appreciation for art
  9. They they'll have no thirst for knowledge and be content being dumb
  10. That they could turn out like me
  11. That (if siblings) dislike each other
  12. That they'll have no sense of family loyalty or closeness
  13. That they'll be heterosexual and I'll have to constantly worry. And yes I mean heterosexual I want gay children