These are the best and Classic meals to eat as requested by @esther
  1. Spicy Chicken sandwich deluxe meal from chick Fil a
    Politics aside, you honestly can't eat anything better
  2. 7-11 pepperoni pizza
    Because pizza is best when it has been cooking on a little tray literally for 36 hours
  3. All candy
    Eating candy as a meal is strong and it makes you powerful
  4. Chili cheese fries burrito from Wienerschnitzel
    Two things that on their own are pretty wonderful, but then you roll the fries in a tortilla and all the sudden you've entered an intergalactic dimension of flavor that's borderline offensive. It's like having a racist grandparent; you know you shouldn't be on board, but you love them very much.
  5. Lunchables
    Granted these are for the super rich, but if you can ever afford one I suggest the turkey and cheese combo