For when you're at the store and need some inspiration
  1. Produce
    There's not enough I can say about fruits and veggies, but these are a staple in any kitchen
  2. Milk
    I prefer plant based milks. Also if you drink cows milk you're a caveman. Adding milk to any dessert or soup base adds a nice touch of class to your meal.
  3. Juices
    Something organic. Juice is nice to have when you have company and you offer a drink, you're not beholden to serving milk or water.
  4. Spices
    Though no one really ever uses spices and they kinda just take up space, they definitely look good in your cabinet.
  5. Cereal
    It's always fun to eat, and who doesn't love a prize after downing tons of sugar
  6. Bread
    Bread has been the center of a dietary firestorm over the past few years, but there are so many variations from white to wheat to gluten free that I'm sure you can find the bread that speaks to you the most.
  7. Toothpaste
    Cause you can only Chew so much gum!
  8. Please add to this list