1. 💯
    The 100 emoji is the Jordan logo for black emojis. It's everything we've ever said, streamlined into one character. It's perfect.
  2. 🙏
    this one is important because black people stay goin to church. But also we use this one when we see someone we Tryna hook up with at Club Illusions. We also use these hands when we see a good fight or twerk video.
  3. 🌚
    This dark moo is bleakly blackface, but the closest thing we have to a black face.
  4. 💎
    Cause we Love jewelry
  5. ✈️
    Cause 90% of black people on Instagram are models and throwing this emoji in the bio of your social media header lets people know that you go places.
  6. 🍆
    Eggplant Friday is instagram's newest craze, and it came from this lil dude here. Check out the hashtag ladies and have fun
  7. Black and white people here, please add to this list