1. Randomly get soda cravings-usually cream soda
  2. Am afraid of the dark
  3. Call my mom everyday since I moved out the house ten years ago
  4. Think that Aliens are watching us more often than not
  5. Believe that if you find the right song, you will sing it just as well as the artist
  6. Want to choreograph a dope music video
  7. Have acne and take hella meds for it
  8. Haven't showered yet today
  9. Believe everyone is important and don't realize it
  10. Hate magicians
  11. Haven't looked good in a photo ever
  12. Am terrified of lizards/ snakes/ amphibians/ squirrels/ rats/ mice/ spiders/ possums/ general vermin
  13. Have only dunked once and talk about it twice a week and that was in 2002
  14. Am shocked sometimes that I came out remotely masculine growing up with as many women as I did
  15. Really love learning stuff about all of yall and think you're doing just a real bang up job here on listapp
  16. Add your "stills"