1. That I lost my virginity when I was twelve to a girl named Patina Patterson while watching the movie Scream (9th grade)
    All of that was true except the sex part
  2. My moms Fiancé todd was gonna buy a hummer and give it to me (10th grade)
  3. That they didn't use wires in Kung Fu Movies and Shaolin Monks could really do all of that (6th grade)
  4. My Uncle was the road manger for Outkast (9th grade)
    He played drums for them one time but that was it
  5. That I had multiple pairs of Tommy Hilfiger carpenter jeans (10th grade)
    It was one pair and I wore them almost every day
  6. That I did a kick flip into a nose manual at the curb at Walton High school (11th grade)
    I did both tricks but not together
  7. That Lauren Walling was wearing white pants and I saw a brown stain on the butt of them (11th grade)
  8. ******BONUS*******
    I went to community college for three weeks and didn't feel like writing a paper so I told the teacher my dad had a stroke and lived in a city called Opp, GA and that I needed to go visit him immediately.
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