1. David
    Long story short my dad left me and my mom when I was six weeks old. He named me. My mom got mad at him and started calling me David for a short period of time. Then she got lazy and started calling me Yassir again.
  2. Jonathan
    When I was 8 I got tired of people Mispronouncing my name. So I changed it to Jonathan because Jonathans were always cool. I kept drawing pictures of myself playing basketball with an arrow pointing to me that said Jonathan.
  3. Sasu
    My aunt Adele still calls me this. She's the only one. It was a nickname she gave me as a baby.
  4. Black Tom Green
    A dude in high school named Clint Obrien called me this because I climbed on top of our lockers once and he was like "you're crazy man"
  5. Yaw-sur
    How pretty much everyone says my name if they don't know me.