1. Am I allowed to not like Boyhood or Birdman
  2. Why is everyone so afraid of giving their genuine opinion
  3. Is it possible to actually eat healthy and not just "kinda healthy"
  4. Do any documentaries exist that were made without the sole purpose of terrifying you
  5. Like why in the world would anyone ever have a snake for a pet
  6. Can anyone tell me if I'm regressing mentally, emotionally, and in maturity
  7. What are the best ear buds
  8. Does anyone else have a fear of public restrooms
  9. Is anyone else afraid of sleep
  10. What did you learn at college (outside of actual education) that you don't think you could've learned in the real world-asking as someone who didn't go to college
  11. What do you imagine the perfect family to be
  12. How did men gain control of anything
  13. How do trampolines still get sold
  14. Have you ever shot a gun and what did it feel like
  15. What outfit do you regret the most