I am visiting my mom right now. My Grandma and Aunt Adele are here.
  1. Gram-Ma:"what these bugs Tryna do, relocate? Cause that's what they seem like they doin!"
    Cause she saw a bug in the house
  2. Gram-Ma: "really big people and really little people shouldn't wear skinny jeans they look crazy!"
    About skinny Jeans
  3. Family: "Kevin Hart is so funny!"
    Watching his special on BET
  4. Aunt Adele: "where the hog head cheese at?"
    I don't even know what it is, honestly
  5. Mom: "Gimme some watermelon"
    My mom got hungry after seeing Adele eat
  6. Mom: "What? Why would you spend all that money? I would just throw the cat out!"
    My mom watching people hire Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planets "My Cat from Hell"
  7. I know this isn't a quote but my aunt walked into the house with this
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