I'm at home in ATL
  1. "Wow look at those cool designer jeans. You look like Melvin's 2nd ex wife"
    My mom to my gramma about her knock off true religion jeans. Melvin is my moms brother.
  2. "I be lookin in my mom bank account and there just be five dollars in there sometimes"
    My cousin Jamie about her mom Sheryl
  3. "The cake is outside on the porch defrosting"
    My aunt Adele telling us where she had the cake that suddenly disappeared
  4. "Hey gramma did you put pork in the baked beans?"-me. "Nope"-gramma. "Is this bacon?"-Me. "Yeah"-gramma
    A convo between me and my gramma when I wanted beans
  5. "Don't kill the lizard! But make sure it don't come back in this house either!"
    My mom to me as we found another lizard in her house. This is the second time in two visits this has happened.
  6. Gimme some quotes from yalls holiday.