1. Game of Thrones
    I get it. Wizards and accents
  2. Mad Men
    I can just look at ads in magazines and not care about the behind the scenes
  3. Breaking Bad
    Meth is just gross and Aaron Paul was on Price is Right
  4. Anything on CW right now pretty much
    Everyone too good looking on all their shows
  5. Jane the Virgin
    I know it's delightful, but I've been pregnant too many times to wanna see someone pretend to be
  6. House of Cards
    If Kevin Spacey reprised his role in Beyond the Sea and then was president Id watch that.
  7. Please add to this list
  8. Black Mirror
    Cranky British Twilight Zone-lite about how the Internet is poison and women are whores NO THNX (plus it makes basic nerd dudes very angry when you tell them this)
    Suggested by @LizWatson