1. Who invented color
  2. Like who decided to just keep trying random things to eat
  3. Where did dogs originate like what region of the world
  4. My stomach feels like it hangs which is weird
  5. I hate belts for pants
  6. Is the disconnected smoke alarm in my apartment good or bad
  7. Have I ever been good at anything
  8. Smoking does still look cool
  9. Can I take a bath or is that weird
  10. Shingles shouldn't be the name of an illness
  11. My glasses are never clean
  12. What type of sandwich am I getting Tonight
  13. Is it lazy to get it delivered
  14. I love all ice cream
  15. Cars are wack
  16. I used to think dudes with super veiny arms looked more mature
  17. Same thing about dudes who walked pigeon toed
  18. My hometown should like have a parade for me
  19. Crease sounds exactly like what it is
  20. The refrigerator keeps humming
  21. Bob the builder looks low key psychotic
  22. I don't think my kids would listen to me if I had them
  23. Burnt toast is kinda good if you scrape off the top
  24. I can't stop thinking about what reality is
  25. I haven't seen troop Beverly Hills in like 17 years
  26. I never snorted when I laughed but people that do seem to have more fun
  27. My face feels greasy
  28. Do charm bracelets make sense