I'm flying delta
  1. Biscoff cookies are low key one of my favorite desserts and I look forward to them when I fly.
  2. The people on either side of me are both watching interstellar
  3. I've had two cups of coffee
  4. Guy to my left has had two beers and is doing intricate architectural planning on his laptop.
  5. I'm watching the wedding ringer and to be honest it feels like someone won a bet and was allowed to make a movie
  6. I want more coffee
  7. I have a headache
  8. I'm flying with a donut from Dough in NY that I'm gonna eat in LA
  9. Colin Kane is in this movie
  10. I keep thinking about the exercises I had to do in acting class and that one time another student named Robbie who had a ponytail snapped my belt in half
  11. I always tell myself I'm gonna read on flights but I just end up reading comic books and watching tv
  12. Hurley from lost is in this movie
  13. The air max's I'm wearing are actually the perfect flying shoe
  14. They offered me a complimentary veggie wrap and I declined it and took pretzels instead
  15. Someone just took off their shoes
  16. I need more coffee
  17. Sometimes I look at the world and I feel like I'm on an alien planet
  18. Had a third cup of coffee