1. Round 1am-two drunk dudes yelling Lets go Yankees! One of them started puking but kept yelling Yankees Baby!
  2. 2am-cross dressing man yelling WHERE THE HELL IS ANDRE
  3. 2:30 am got a kale and Orange smoothie
  4. 4am went into an Instagram wormhole
  5. 8am woke up for a half hour
  6. 1030am woke up for real
  7. 11am smoked an e cigarette while showering
  8. 1pm headed to Laguardia
  9. 2pm started gagging uncontrollably because the guy in line behind me was wearing toms without socks and when he took them off I could smell his feet and I almost threw up and everyone looked at me crazy
  10. 330pm boarded plane and the guy next to me in coach started making fun of people who pay $200 for plane tickets cause he paid $800 last minute
  11. Now-still on plane, drinking coffee and eating cookies missing all of you