1. A crying/screaming baby or toddler on an airplane
    Like its a new human that can't communicate and it's flying. Jet engines are roaring in its ears. Leave them be.
  2. Garlic breath
    Most time I can't smell it and even when I can it never offends me
  3. People using their phone during convo
    As long as they're listening sort of I'm fine
  4. When a woman doesn't wear deodorant
    I think it's a pheromone thing but it's totally fine with me
  5. Someone wearing sunglasses indoors
    Feel like everyone hopped on the hate bandwagon of this because of Curb but most times these people look cool
  6. Loud teenagers
    I remember how fun it was being a teen and just yelling with your friends. They're also terrifying but I like seeing kids having fun.
  7. A messy house if the owner has kids
    If it's not covered in old dirty dishes I'm good
  8. The Kardashian Family
    They are interesting. And if they weren't they wouldn't be famous.