Here's the best ways to seduce the one you love or lust or have been following as suggested by @lenadunham
  1. Buy something expensive in front of them
    You don't have to keep it, but this is a strong power play and lets the person know, "okay I'm here with a baller. I better realize this treasure of a human." It doesn't need to be a major purchase, a very nice digital camera should be fine. BUT, if you can buy a car or house in front of them then there's no way they can turn down your love and advances.
  2. Make a Shrine to the object of your affection and show them
    Nothing says "it's just me and you" more than a shrine. There are plenty of ways to go about making a shrine, but for maximum effect I suggest framing an 8.5x11 inch photo of your love that you printed off an inkjet printer and framing it in one of those weird bronze frames from the dollar store. Surround that picture with palm fronds and some big dangerous candles. Always above the fireplace mantle. Then watch as your object of affection is surprised when they enter and see how devoted you are!
  3. Kidnap their pet
    On the surface this one seems a little crazy, but peek below and see how romantic this truly is. You're showing your love that you're spontaneous, ready to be a parent, and knowledgable about their whereabouts at all times. No step parent was ever successful from the sidelines. You gotta jump in there take the wheel!
  4. Show up to their job naked
    Make sure that they're at work that day, then cruise in wearing a long trench coat and flash them. This keeps things fresh, and everyday they'll be on their toes thinking "is (blank) really gonna come to my job naked again? I LOVE THEM."
  5. Disrespect their parents
    This shows that you are devoted to the Object of your Affection and only them. I suggest cursing the parents out at dinner and leaving without paying. Also make references to "porking" their child.