So, I finally saw SP live after 12 years of being a fan. You can say that I was pretty fucking excited. I mean I met them before but for all kinds of reasons never saw a legit show. But it happened guys!! October. 15th 2k16, I'll never forget it.
  1. They are fucking amazing
    Let's just get the obvious out of the way
  2. The line was soooooo long before the show!
    This was around the corner already and you can't even see the corner in this picture!!
  3. @seblefebvre has a nice butt and some pretty cool dance moves
    Another obvious one but let's put it on the list :p
  4. My back hurts if I stand for too long
    I'm getting old :/ but the pain went away after SP got on stage :D
  5. The crowd has so much energy!!
    Thought I was in a BMTH mosh during jump lol LOVED IT!
  6. Pierre and Seb have secret conversations during the show some times
    And then they giggle about it and I wanna know what they are talking about!!
  7. The crowd can sing along to every song!
    We are amazing lol
  8. There are more guys at the show than I thought
    And they scream louder than their gf
  9. A guy standing there not moving once, not even nodding his head while his two friends having the time of their life
    I mean why are u there dude lol
  10. Marriage proposal during a show is fun
    The crowd gets behind it
  11. David just starts sing third eye blind after some guy shouted some shit from the crowd
    And the whole band got behind it and the crowed started singing too. Nice moment lol
  12. The speech during crazy made me wanna cry
    I've heard it once during the NYC show live stream two days before already.. But come on that speech just made me so emotional
  13. I love the band so much
  14. I still have my voice the next day after screaming on the top of my lungs the whole night before
    I was surprised
  15. It was a very good work out session
    I probably burned more calories than when I go to the gym
  16. My friend whom I dragged to the show with me got more excited than me after the show
    Well.. I mean nobody can be more excited than me after a SP show but she was super into it and now she's gonna go listen to every SP song lol. To the band, if you are reading, you are welcome ;)
  17. This is a long list
  18. Can't wait for the next time I see them
    Hopefully it'll be soon, not "soon" lol