1. Is that a shadow I see in the TV screen?
  2. I wonder who lay in this bed before me. Everyone knows hotels don't clean the sheets properly. *don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it*
  3. What exactly happens at like 3 am at the reception desk? Is anyone manning that or do they all go to sleep?
  4. It's so dark I won't even know if someone/something got out of under the bed and crept up next to me
  5. *switches on bedside lamp*
  6. 6 hours to go until dawn...
  7. Maybe I should while away time checking for notifications across apps until i feel super sleepy so maybe spirits floating outside the room in the hallway won't come near me because they'll think I'm busy
  8. Do I hear something in the bathroom?
  9. Note to self: never ever ever ever look into a mirror at night
  10. Who all in this hotel have keys to this room?