I'm going to turn 26 in two weeks, which means I have exactly five years to do something significant enough to land on a "30 under 30" list. LYF!!!
  1. Will I ever win a Pulitzer? Should I even want it so badly, or be more concerned about honing my journalism skills and like, making a difference?
  2. Do I even want to be a journalist or have I just spent the last five years doing something I am not even into that much?
  3. Is it worth spending thousands of dollars on a masters? Do I even need a masters? What if I don't do a masters and my kids later judge me? What if I apply but don't get into any of the Ivy Leagues? Also, am I too old to think of doing a masters? What if everyone in my class is way younger to me and thinks of me as old and boring?
  4. Maybe I should just quit my job and focus on learning to play the piano full time. Or travel the world. Or both.
  5. Maybe there are other things I might be super good at but I will never know because I didn't try, and I'll regret this later in life.