1. The Core 4 are Coming Back
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    Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay are coming back for yet another wicked adventure!
  2. New Songs and Choreography
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    The songs are sure to be even catchier and the dance moves even more over the top in the sequel!
  3. Wicked Fashion
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    One of the best things about Descendants are the totally wild and gorgeous costumes. So psyched for even more fashion the second time around!
  4. Brand New Characters
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    We're willing to bet that Freddie and Jordan from Descendants Wicked World will be making their way to Descendants 2!
  5. New Romances and Unlikely Friendships
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    Mal and Ben were already the it couple and Evie and Dougs adorkable friendship blossomed in Descendants. Which budding romance and friendship will we see next?
  6. An All New Adventure
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    Maybe we'll get a switch up, with the hero kids exploring the Isle of the Lost this time around? Maybe there's more to Auradon Prep than meets the eye? Can't wait to find out!