Awesome Meals I've cooked

I finally have a kitchen this summer and I love cooking. Still learning a lot but I do well for myself, I think
  1. Hamburger helper Lasagna and Pasta salad
    Not creative at all I know but I was cooking for 4 people and it was really good
  2. BBQ Chicken Nachos
    This actually stemmed from making BBQ chicken quesadillas and we had extra quesadilla mix so Olivia threw them on some chips bc she makes amazing nachos.
  3. Alfredo Pasta and chicken
    I know, I know. Simple. Nothing to brag about. But still good food
  4. Spinach and bacon Pasta
    Omg this stuff is fantastic. I made it and as soon as I finished the leftovers the next day I made another batch of it
  5. Spinach and tomato pasta
    I love spinach. And this stuff is absolutely so good and super easy. Made it for myself and ate it for 4 meals. Then I was cooking for me and 2 other people and made this again. It's my go to 'real' meal
  6. Chicken, broccoli and quinoa
    Little stressful having 3 burners on and pots/pans on all 3 but the timing ended up being pretty perfect and it all turned out good too. I think I like using recipes more than just cooking but this was a really solid meal without a recipe
  7. Spinach white bean enchiladas with pepper jack sauce
    For sure my proudest accomplishment in my short cooking career. Holy. Nuts. This stuff was sooooooooo good. Tasted like something you'd get at a restaurant. The longest it's taken me to make any of my meals but definitely worth it.
  8. Chorizo Breakfast Hash
    With the help of @OliviaJ I made this gorgeous breakfast food for dinner at 9:45 last night. The eggs were all her doing, she's an expert. Holy crap was this good 3 meals I've made for sure
  9. Bacon Broccoli mac and cheese
  10. Shrimp fried rice with pineapple and toasted coconut
    Finally got to cook this now that Olivia is gone because she refuses to eat a meal with coconut in it. It was a little weird to get used to but very tasty and I also made enough for probably 5 meals so that's awesome too