Books I want to read

Yes I am very aware I am a huge soccer nerd. Its very evident in this list.
  1. Tier 1
    But in no order
  2. How Champions Think
    Sports Psychology !!!!!
  3. Andrés Iniesta The Artist
  4. Club Soccer 101
  5. How to Watch Soccer
  6. Brilliant Orange
  7. The Ball is Round
  8. Inverting The Pyramid
  9. How Soccer Explains the World
  10. I think therefore I play
  11. Leading
    The best soccer coach of all time. Of course I want to read it.
  12. Quiet Leadership
  13. Soccer Analytics
  14. Johan Cruyff
    Quite possibly the greatest soccer mind in history
  15. Ultimate Glory
    A frisbee book??? Oh heck yes
  16. The Sports Gene
  17. Living out Loud
  18. An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth
  19. Phantoms in the Brain
  20. Not really a book, sorry
  21. Tier 2
  22. The Italian Job
    I hate Gab Marcotti but I like Gianluca Vialli a lot. Book seems cool regardless.
  23. Pep Confidential
  24. Football Against The Enemy
  25. The Case for Jesus
  26. Counter Culture
  27. Coaching Wisdom
  28. My Personal Best
    I love John Wooden
  29. Losing isn't Everything
    ("Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing"-Henry Russell)
  30. Counting The days while my mind slips away
  31. Wins, Losses and Lessons
  32. Soccer Coaching Bible
  33. Beckham
  34. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  35. The world is a ball
  36. Soccer IQ
  37. The Numbers Game: Why everything you know about soccer is wrong
  38. Once in a Lifetime
  39. The Damned United
  40. Morbo
  41. The Miracle of Castel do Sangro
  42. Bloody Confused