Gayest pictures I've ever taken

  1. Nothing gay here, just a little roomie love😘
  2. This one can't be gay—it was for an art least that's what we tell people🙈
  3. We were just making fun of the girls but we ended up having cuter pictures than they did
  4. Not that gay..just a couple of dudes with their shorts rolled up
  5. Okay..I mean we're just trying to be artsy...
  6. I have no excuse for the absolute gayness of this one
  7. What a cute couple :)
  8. Broster's.
    Let's just say ice cream wasn't the only thing that got licked that day😉
  9. I'm just really glad Laura is okay being the side chick
  10. Kal just got so into character with his dress I thought it was fitting to kiss him at the end of the night👗