Kid movies I def forgot about

  1. George of the Jungle
    Brendan Fraser is the goat. Fight me on that
  2. Inspector Gadget
  3. Stuart Little
  4. El Dorado
  5. Osmosis Jones
    This is a great freaking movie and unlike most movies on this list, it is probably still really good
  6. Treasure Planet
    I take it back, this one was awesome too and I'm probably gonna watch it soon
  7. Shark Tale
  8. Sky High
    A staple of my childhood tbh
  9. Sharkboy and Lavagirl
    Back when 3D movies were a new thing
  10. Chicken Little
    The scene where they sing Wannabe by The Spice Girls is iconic
  11. Herbie: Fully Loaded
    Absolute prime Lindsay Lohan
  12. Happy Feet
  13. Flushed Away
    I actually just watched this movie by myself on a whim a couple weeks ago. Super random. But also still a great movie
  14. Monster House
  15. Open Season
  16. Over The Hedge
    We watched this a couple months ago to get the sour taste of "The Village" out of our brains. No ragrets
  17. Brother Bear
  18. Bridge to Terabithia
    This ruined movies for me for a while
  19. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  20. Land Before Time
    Weren't there like 19 of these movies?
  21. Fern Gully
    Just rewatched this recently(not by myself this time), it is not as good as I remembered it..AT ALL. Super weird film
  22. The Black Cauldron
    I remember this movie being really scary, but I remember really loving it
  23. The Iron Giant
    Didn't realize Jennifer Aniston was in it til maybe a year ago. Makes it that much better
  24. Anastasia
    I think I watched this every time I went to my Aunt Sherry's house
  25. Homeward Bound
    The most classic of all classics
  26. Heavyweights
    Still a good watch. On Netflix btw, if you haven't seen it—go watch it asap
  27. Little Giants
  28. Balto
    I'm pretty sure I still have the VHS copy of this somewhere back home
  29. Meet the Robinsons
  30. Smart House
  31. Cadet Kelly
  32. Even Stevens Movie
  33. Halloweentown
  34. Twitches
  35. Cow Belles
  36. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
    It was really weird seeing London Tipton in any other role but hey it is what it is
  37. Jump In
  38. Camp Rock
    I actually didn't like this one that much but I was in the minority and I realize that. I'm just glad we all act like the 2nd one never happened
  39. Now You See It...
    Of all the movies on this list, I forgot this one the most until I saw it somewhere and now I remember it clear as day. Good movie
  40. The Luck of the Irish
    Hot Take: This may be the best Disney Channel Original Film ever