1. Getting a good spike in volleyball
  2. Raindrops on my windshield
  3. Fresh cut grass
  4. John Mayer
  5. When a soccer ball hits the post or bar but still goes in
  6. When you're walking and you kick a rock and it doesn't veer off to the side so you can keep kicking it
  7. Cleaning
  8. Successful bids/skies in ultimate
  9. Playing soccer on slightly wet grass
  10. Male singers hitting high notes
  11. Olivia laughing/singing
  12. Everything about the beach
  13. Myers Briggs personality test
  14. When you scoober fake on a rookie and they turn around and don't know where the disc is
  15. Successfully table topping someone
  16. Breakfast casserole
  17. When the guy from werewolf says "slightly"
  18. When the bad guys kill you in Avalon but you weren't Merlin.
    Even better when you were just a loyal servant
  19. Gym days with sabrey
  20. Megging people
  21. Getting people with the mine game
  22. Pro soccer players trading jerseys with each other
  23. Beating Olivia in slaps.
    It only happened once but still. Suck it nerd
  24. When I'm writing and randomly a letter just looks really really good
    I have bad handwriting so it doesn't happen often
  25. Veins
    Thanks Sabrey
  26. Ripping tags off shirts
  27. When my dog sits like a human
  28. Stadium seating in our house
  29. Merging lanes without hitting any reflectors
  30. Watching movies when it's raining outside
  31. Swings
  32. Haircuts
  33. Bat flips.
    One of the few redeeming qualities about baseball
  34. The sound of a soccer ball hitting the net
  35. Blankets
  36. Texting kristin while she's in Paraguay
  37. Clouds
  38. Fire
  39. Homemade ice cream
  40. When it's raining and you're driving on the highway and you go under a bridge and the rain stops hitting your car momentarily
  41. Porches
  42. Porch swings, also
  43. Breaking glass(on purpose)
  44. Acapella Music
  45. The feel of hair when it's completely underwater
  46. Freshly printed paper.
    When it's still warm
  47. When I get to be hospitable
  48. Merging lanes when the road slightly curved so I don't actually have to change the direction of my car until I'm in the other lane
  49. Seeing Bunnies in the wild
  50. Rays of sunshine coming down through a cloudy sky
  51. Friendly strangers