1. Amount of time I spent on the toilet
  2. How many hours I spent playing different sports
  3. How many girls I saw in passing that thought I was hot
  4. How many times I inadvertently avoided death
  5. How much total money I spent/earned
  6. How many miles I've run
  7. How many hours I've spent watching different sports
  8. How many times I've seen/passed the same stranger multiple times in life
  9. How many times I have been in other people's dreams
  10. How many dogs I've petted
  11. Ratio of nights spent sleeping nude vs sleeping with clothes
  12. A list of every movie I've ever watched, ranked by amount of times watched
  13. A list of every song I've ever listened to, ranked by amount of times heard
  14. A list of every person who has made me laugh, ranked by amount of times I laughed at them
  15. How many times I've made someone's day
  16. Total number of texts sent/received
  17. Number of lies told, ranked by effectiveness/necessity of lie
  18. Number of times I've lied to someone who knew I was lying
  19. How much total money my parents spent on me/because of me
  20. Amount of time spent procrastinating
  21. Total amount of pasta consumed in pounds
  22. Number of free shirts I've accumulated
  23. Hours spent playing FIFA
  24. Number of times I looked at my phone for the time, didn't actually see the time, and had to look again
  25. How many times I've changed my mind on what I wanted to do in life
  26. How much time I actually saved by speeding
  27. Amount of time spent making lists