1. Being wind chapped
  2. How many things have to go right for people to stay alive daily
  3. Colors
  4. Why money is so important when it's literally just paper
  5. The sheer ability of the human brain
  6. What blind people see/what blind people think things look like. Can they even picture things?? Ah idk
  7. People who aren't competitive
  8. People who think they're better than they actually are at sports. Like if someone is better than them but they think they aren't
  9. People who wear jerseys of sports teams to games when neither team playing is the team that they are wearing the jersey for.
    This was really difficult to articulate and I apologize if it's confusing
  10. Women
  11. Why my phone sometimes leaves marks on my khaki shorts and why it doesn't happen every time
  12. Why people not from South Carolina think Myrtle Beach is the best place on earth
  13. The US Mail System
  14. How people write, make and put together text books
  15. How much the timing of certain events or actions means in the grand scheme of things
    How much does my life really change by me meeting someone a week later than I could've or being 10 minutes late to a party or something.
  16. How CD's play music
  17. Clouds
    I get that it's water but like how
  18. The fact that our eyes see everything upside down and our brain flips it so it makes sense to us.