1. Samoa cookies
    If you don't think it's the best Girl Scout cookie then you're just wrong and we might not be friends anymore
  2. Watching soccer
    I've never met anyone who watches as much as I do and I'm not sure I ever will until I have a kid
  3. Hoarding tabs on my browser on my phone
    It's a problem. I always have at least 5 tabs open on any device I own
  4. Pineapple
    I ALWAYS get pineapple burn because I can't stop eating it
  5. Chocolate milk
    Especially after a workout omg
  6. Apple juice
    If you get me Martinelli's I will love you forever. That is the holy grail of Apple juice
  7. Oreos
    Scientifically proven to be as addictive as crack
  8. Ritz chips
    Low key the most addicting snack I've ever had
  9. Cheezits
    Preferably Big or Hot and Spicy
  10. Granola cereal
    Shoutout to T Payne for changing my life with this
  11. Playing with soccer balls
    If there is one in the vicinity, I will juggle it at some point