1. Athletic fields
    Not much makes me happier than a nice field with well kept grass
  2. Shower heads
    Not enough pressure, bad. Too much pressure, also bad.
  3. Water temperature at the pool/beach
    To the point where @baegleboy thought I couldn't swim
  4. The length of my shorts
    Shorts are almost never too short for me. But if they are half an inch too long I will never wear them
  5. How tight the straps are on my bookbag
    I like them pretty tight. Don't like the bag swinging around too much
  6. The quantity of cheese in food items
    I don't hate cheese. But there's a fine line
  7. Who I play volleyball with
    It's not like I'm some volleyball star but I am so particular about volleyball it's ridiculous
  8. How clean my room/car is
    If they're not both very clean my stress levels are through the roof
  9. Cheesecake
    Not many types of cheesecake I like. But if it's good and there's a good balance of cake and crust I'm all over it
  10. Phone chargers
    I hate when the wire is stripped or when it bends too much
  11. Bad acting
    The only reason I haven't watched The Flash. I was very excited about that show but I just can't do it.