1. Soccer
    In any capacity
  2. College Football
    More passion than NFL and more fun
  3. NFL
    Better players and athletes than college football. Plus Fantasy Football.
  4. Ultimate
    Even though I can only watch this on YouTube
  5. Volleyball
    Beach>indoor but both fit in at 5 on this list
  6. Basketball
    Pretty much strictly March Madness and NBA playoffs though
  7. Spikeball
    Again, only on YouTube if not in person
  8. Tennis
    French Open preferably
  9. Hockey
    Playoffs mainly
  10. Rugby Sevens
    Way better than normal rugby
  11. Curling
    Low key one of the best sports on Earth
  12. Handball
    Only get to watch this in the Olympics
  13. Lacrosse
    I never actually watch it but I would like to more
  14. Water Polo
    Honestly the most physically demanding and impressive sport
  15. Table Tennis
    People at the olympics are stupid good but it's fun to watch